John Charles Hall

John Hall is a business consultant specialising in the horticulture and fresh produce industries, having run and set up a number of successful commercial horticultural businesses.  John is past Chairman & President of West Sussex Growers’ Association and now represents the Association as a consultant, working with a wide range of stakeholders.  He also chairs the Farming & Rural Issues Group South East.

John Hall, Felpham, West Sussex
John Hall, on the beach near his home in West Sussex

As an independent consultant; John works with many different clients, ranging from: business start-ups, through family run businesses, SMEs and corporate organisations; helping to develop their businesses; especially in the specialist areas of business planning and development.

John lives with his wife Anne in Felpham, West Sussex and continues to work as a horticultural consultant and writes novels in his spare time.

My inspiration for Under the Yew Tree

I had the idea for my story as far back as 2009, and although the structure of the story was very clear in my mind from the beginning; due to the pressure of work, it has taken me until now to write the full story.

Having been born and lived all my life in and around the villages of the South Downs and the West Sussex Coastal Plain, I have a great love and understanding of these rural communities, and I have often wondered what might have happened had they been invaded and occupied during the Second World War.

Most people have some knowledge of what happened in occupied France during the War, and how the French Resistance survived, but how would the British have coped? Would everyone have resisted or would we have succumbed easily to our occupiers?