About half way through writing Under the Yew Tree, I realised that there was another part of the story that needed telling about the residents and surroundings of Watersham, and so even at that early stage, I was thinking about the sequel.

With that initial realisation in mind, Ash before Oak is progressing faster than Under the Yew Tree did. The first novel set the ball in motion and ignited my interest in developing some of the other characters and fired my imagination to research other aspects of the Second World War and what could have been, had we fallen under German occupation.

The challenge now, of course is finding the time to sit and write Ash before Oak!  I’m not the kind of writer to set myself time slots for writing. I need to get into the frame of mind of the story; imagine myself as a character; hear the sounds, smell the scents, feel the grass or path beneath my feet, feel the emotion of the situation…

My aim is, however, to finish the sequel this year, so the clock is ticking!

Here’s a sneak preview of the first page.

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