Under the Yew Tree V2
Under the Yew Tree – A Sussex story of courage and determination, available to buy now.

Under the Yew Tree is a “what-if” story, set in 1940, during World War Two. It imagines the German occupation of the South East of England and the actions of the local Resistance.

Joseph is the youngest member of the local Resistance. To the occupying forces and the outside world, Joseph appears to be just the son of a farming family; working hard and minding his own business. To the few that know; he is a key member of the Resistance.

This imagined history creates a story of a rural English community caught between trying to carry on with their everyday lives, whilst at the same time, resisting the forces of occupation. Living with the enemy tests the character of every individual and the community as a whole. Their daily lives are filled with love, betrayal, collaboration, resistance and death…

If you need some persuasion, a reader from Sweden has reviewed Under the Yew Tree, plus more reviews will  be coming soon to Amazon