“If the oak before the ash, then we’ll only have a splash,

If the ash before the oak, then we’ll surely have a soak”

Even as I was writing Under the Yew Tree, I knew that the story about the inhabitants of Watershed in West Sussex wasn’t complete. There would be so much more to explore and unveil about them, their lives together and how they lived alongside their occupiers.

…And here it is!

I am delighted to announce that Ash before Oak has now been published and printed – and is available to buy on Amazon.


Set in 1940, during World War II, Ash before Oak follows the story of the English Resistance, acting under the German occupation of the South East of England.

As the Nazi army settles into West Sussex, the Resistance fights with all its guerrilla might to undermine the invasion. There is no such thing as surrender, but with neighbours, friends and relatives full of fear of their new rulers, the battle is more often than not keeping secrets from those you live alongside. For their sakes and for yours. When two of their men on exercise are caught unawares by German soldiers on patrol, the local branch of the English Resistance know where the betrayal has come from.

This imagined history creates a story of a rural English community caught between trying to carry on with their everyday lives, whilst at the same time, resisting the forces of occupation. Living with the enemy tests the character of every individual and the community as a whole. Their daily lives are filled with love, betrayal, collaboration, resistance and death…

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Of course, I can’t say any more than: the story doesn’t stop there. The third novel in the trilogy is a work in progress…!