My second novel is already in progress… here are the first couple of paragraphs to whet your appetite…!

Chapter 1: Where to from here?

   At first light the following morning, Alex set off for the path that he knew would take him through the woods to the top of the South Downs.  Dressed in his everyday farm clothes, he walked at a steady pace, looking all around as he made his way along the well-trodden path.  It was cold and the air was clear.  Overnight there had been a heavy frost and the grass glowed white in the early morning light.

    Yesterday had turned out to be a disaster.  As he walked, Alex ran the events of the previous day back through his mind.  He knew that there would be others out early this morning; looking for their friends.  Last evening, as the shooting had started, and it became clear that the German troops were in the woods, the men of the Resistance had fallen back in as orderly a manner as they could.  There was confusion throughout the evening and it was difficult to work out what was going on.  By midnight, most of the men had made it back to the village and to the outlying farms and hamlets.  Some reported that they had seen German troops coming out from the woods, and others said that troop trucks had been seen making their way back to the German barracks on the South side of Watersham.  But it wasn’t clear what had happened.  What was clear though, was that the German troops had been hunting in the woods until late evening.  Dogs had been heard barking and scores of shots had echoed through the woods for a long time.  The Resistance exercise that was due to start in the woods during the previous afternoon had broken up before most of the men had reached the designated meeting place.  It had always been standing practice for the men of the Resistance to melt away as quickly as possible if ever meeting places were discovered.  As soon as individuals heard the dogs barking and shots being fired; they followed orders, turned around and made their way back home as quickly as they could.  In some cases, this took a long time, as the whole area was swarming with German soldiers.  Alex himself had to hide in a thicket on the edge of the woods until all was quiet and then make a wide and diversion on his way back to the family farm.  He didn’t get in until midnight and lay awake for most of the night wondering who the German soldiers had been shooting at.  He feared the worst.

    His plan that morning was to follow the main path from the farm, up through the woods to the old drovers’ trail and on to the top of the Downs.  He had made a point of dressing in his usual work clothes and had packed some lunch and a bottle of tea into a knapsack that he hitched over his shoulder.  His family ran a small flock of sheep on the rough pastures further along the Downs; and so, if spotted by the Germans, it would appear that he was a local farmers’ boy, just going about his daily work of checking on the sheep.  Yesterday had been different.  Yesterday, he had walked along the same path carrying a machine gun and a bag full of ammunition.  His clothes were different then too; like most of the men in the Resistance, he wore a khaki shirt, an old greenish brown jacket with leather patches on the elbows, dark trousers and heavy laced up walking boots.  It wasn’t quite a uniform; but it was the best that he and the rest of the men could do.  When they were all together; you could tell that they were some sort of paramilitary outfit; not just a ragtag group of rebels.

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